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Jack Frost

Alright kiddies, whaddaya say we have a little fun?

If you got a problem, yo I'll solve it.
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it!
Ice, Ice Baby~

Fun Facts About Jack

Sup. Name’s Jack Frost: Guardian of funtimes and bringer of snowdays. Nice to meet ya. Here are a few fun facts that’ll get you up to speed on how I do things around here:

1. I’m always open to questions, fanmail, and those weird ”RP" things that you kids seem to be all about these days. I love talking to you guys, so don’t ever be afraid to approach me about anything. I’m a Guardian. It’s my job to look after you brats and make sure you’re having fun. Let me do my job.

2. If you want me to see something just tag it “funandfrost.” (also, don’t forget to read my tags. That’s usually where the funniest stuff is since the littler kids can’t see those.)

3. My “stuff" box is where you can send me pictures and art and stuff (hence the name). If you submit stuff, I won’t post it unless it’s PG-13 or below(sorry guys, gotta think of the kiddies). If you submit a picture of your frosty window, I’ll draw on it. If your window isn’t frosted or you live somewhere hot, I’ll frost it extra special for you. Man the internet is amazing.

4. I will respond to all your crap, that’s right, all of it.  Sometimes it just takes me a few days so be patient. I’ll get to you. I always do. Believe me, I get around.